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Explore a dream-like world in this immersive experience on Filipino Folklore

Where actors bring your fairytale to life as you venture through different rooms

Descend into the unknown, witness bizarre sights and taste brave new flavours!

But beware, the way back home is never so clear... and your ending is entirely up to you

"It's really a one-of-a-kind adventure and a new frontier in performance art"

"How I wish I could go back to that enchanting world"

"An immersive theater where you become part of the story.. You can hear, smell and taste.. an adventure you'll keep remembering."

Find us at Eastwood Mall!

Our mythical creatures have called Eastwood their home. With thousands passing each day, there are enough warm bodies to keep them alive. Find us at 4F Eastwood Mall, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila!

For more information, please read our FAQ below.

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What is it?
Lambana is a dark whimsical immersive experience that brings you into the mythical world of Filipino Folklore. Step into your very own fairy tale adventure as actors lead you through a story world set across a 4,500 sqft area. But beware, nothing is as it seems in the world of Lambana and a cunning plot is just waiting to happen!

How long will it be?
Your adventure lasts around 75 minutes but do allow some time to complete the experience by enjoying our enchanted cafe at the end.

You'll be sharing the experience with up to 15 people. Please arrive 15 minutes before your allotted time as you will not be able to join your group if you arrive late!

Will it be scary?
Adventuring is our priority, not fear! Every adventure however has its own risks..

Who can come?
Due to recent events, only those who have reached the age of 12 are allowed to enter the world. Children below have not been known to come back..

Guests with disabilities are entitled to free support during the show. To apply please contact The experience is not fully wheelchair accessible but we will be arranging special events for people with disabilities throughout the year. Please email for further information.

Who created us?
Tipsy Tales, a group of imagineers that create remarkable new experiences. Find out more about what we do at We're always on the look out for new imagineers to join our journey!

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